Minister in trouble for making house calls

A lien was placed on a minister’s house after the city put a stop to her performing wedding ceremonies in her backyard.

Hayden women lose support, plan national TV interview

BATON ROUGE - The women in Sons of Guns star William Hayden’s life appear to be leaving him behind in the wake of child sex allegations and charges.

Since August 8, Hayden been arrested on various assault charges in two parishes involving what appears to be at least three victims. Until Monday, when the latest charges were revealed, he seemed to have the support of his wife and daughter.

But now, Stephanie Hayden Ford said she plans to make new accusations against her father. She’ll talk about the situation for the first time since a WBRZ interview when the scandal broke but she won’t be defending her father. Instead, she will is set to appear on the Dr. Phil Show Thursday, September 11. Producers explained the episode as Ford opening up and making new accusations aimed at her father.

Ford said she is doing the interview to prevent other potential victims from staying silent.

"With my father now in jail, everyone in my family and in our company are now talking openly for the first time," she said. "I have nothing to gain from this exclusive interview, but to begin living in truth and getting help for myself and my sister. I just pray that our story will somehow prevent another victim from staying silent.”

She is changing her story from one she gave WBRZ last month. In an interview, Stephanie denied the allegations against her father. She said her family was being torn apart and came to her father’s defense when he was arrested for alleged sexual abuse with a 12-year-old.

"Honestly man, it’s turned into more of a media nightmare and I’m letting people know it’s just not true," she said on August 11. "I mean, you’re in the spotlight and people know they can put you through this, so they will."

As the scandal expanded Monday, William Hayden’s wife, Rachel, also changed her story. She said she no longer supports her husband, despite what she also said in a previous WBRZ exclusive interview.

She said on August 26th, she didn’t believe the accusations because she was close to the victim and would have known something was wrong.

Hayden’s business, Red Jacket Firearms, severed ties with him and the reality TV show based around the company was canceled.

No fire protection, no problem

THREE RIVERS ISLAND - A man tired of waiting for fire protection in his neighborhood built his own makeshift fire hydrant.

"This isn’t a cure-all, it gives us some piece of mind," said Sanford Kreisler.

Three Rivers Island has about 80 homes, 30 of them house permanent residents and there’s more land to build on. Since its existence, the community, only accessible by golf cart or boat, has not had its own fire or emergency protection services.

It can take 20-40 minutes for help to arrive, which is a big concern for responders. The community is located on parish lines, so the St. Amant Fire Department backs up Livingston Parish Fire Districts 8 and 9. Still, Three Rivers Island, located about seven miles from any fire district, does not have its own fire protection.

Last month, a house was destroyed by fire. St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department responded with its fire response boat. Responders say if they got to the scene any later, the fire could have spread to other homes.

Kreisler says he’s not taking any more chances. He’s attached a hose to his house that pumps about 23 gallons of water a minute.

"If there’s a problem, you have the water, at least until the fire department gets here," he said.

Although Kreisler hopes he never has to use the fire hose for an emergency, this will buy him some time if tragedy strikes again.

Parish President Layton Ricks says he has met with members of the Livingston Parish Fire Districts 9, residents from the island and a boat builder to see if anything can be done. Currently, no solution has been decided on.

Racial slurs fly at city council meeting

Scientists say people are killing off bees and other pollinators by using pesticides improperly.

A special effects company says they’re out thousands of dollars after producers of The Walking Dead Escape canceled their order at the last minute.

A man who’s been forging paintings and donating them to museums for decades has been exposed and is now the focus of a documentary.

Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards spoke today about his chances of making it to Congress.

The 86-year-old Edwards announced Monday at the Press Club of Baton Rouge he’d seek the state’s 6th District seat.

Edwards served four terms as governor before his conviction on racketeering charges over riverboat casino licenses. His conviction bars him from state office, but not a congressional seat.

Drivers here got proof of what they’ve been living in: commuting in the Capital City is horrendous.