Racial slurs fly at city council meeting

Scientists say people are killing off bees and other pollinators by using pesticides improperly.

A special effects company says they’re out thousands of dollars after producers of The Walking Dead Escape canceled their order at the last minute.

A man who’s been forging paintings and donating them to museums for decades has been exposed and is now the focus of a documentary.

Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards spoke today about his chances of making it to Congress.

The 86-year-old Edwards announced Monday at the Press Club of Baton Rouge he’d seek the state’s 6th District seat.

Edwards served four terms as governor before his conviction on racketeering charges over riverboat casino licenses. His conviction bars him from state office, but not a congressional seat.

Drivers here got proof of what they’ve been living in: commuting in the Capital City is horrendous.

More parishes want to ban saggy pants in Louisiana.

We’ve been following this little girl’s story since Sept. 2012. She’s done so much good and had so much heartbreak.

BATON ROUGE - Police said DNA helped them connect a suspect to a home invasion and sexual assault reported last week, and that more charges against him could be coming.

Parents disagree with high school football brackets